Where’s The Brie?

When the meteorologist says rain will probably hold off until after the Redskins game, he means bring your rain poncho.  But what I really forgot to bring was the brie.

Yes, brie.

Now I know not everyone wants to go all out on tailgating.  There are folks who set up the grill and have been there all day.  Then there are people like me – bringing in sandwiches, a cooler of light beer in cans (cans just travel much better than bottles, as I’ve learned), some other munchies.  Then there’s the couple who parked next to us.  Their tailgating spread:

  • bowl of olives – beautiful green olives, mind you
  • box of water crackers
  • wedge of brie served on a cheese plate

Tailgating refuse

Normally, I love the banter and chatter in the parking lot.  You make friends with randoms – everyone’s happy, everyone’s getting along.  Unless there’s a guy wearing a Dallas jersey when the Redskins and Eagles are playing … but even then, it’s all good natured.  In fact, the security guy patrolling our section of the Green lot came by to chat.  Wanted to know what was up with the two gals in Redskins jerseys (Portis and Landry) with the two guys in Eagles jerseys (Cunningham and Maclin).

But chatting with the brie tailgaters?  Not so much.  As they took off for the game, they left behind a proud display of their partying prowess:  three empty bottles of Sierra Nevada.

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One Response to Where’s The Brie?

  1. A cheese lover says:

    I have only one question – Where’s the Brie?

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