What To Wear To Redskins-Eagles MNF

I averted a major disaster this morning – after 10 minutes of frantic searching, I located my running tights.  Since I don’t run (really, ever), why do I have running tights?  For cold weather sporting events, of course!  Although it’s supposed to be pleasant for tonight’s game, it’s still only going to be in the 50s.  And that gets cold when you’re standing around in the parking lot goofing off or sitting in the seats for several hours doing, er, nothing.

What I'm wearing to Redskins-Eagles MNF

Here’s my list, from inside layer to outside (yes, I like to think sequentially):

• Redskins athletic tank – again, not for exercising, just a good layer and extra Redskins good karma
• mid-weight wool hiking base layer – burgundy
• hoodie – gray cable knit
• fleece jacket – grey
• cotton tights – black – good bottom layer
• running tights – black – extra warmth in the third and fourth quarters
• “mom” jeans – something roomy enough for layers
• hiking socks
• Merrell walking shoes with thick soles – concrete floor gets cold to stand on!
• LaRon Landry jersey – hoping my man chases Vick down and does some damage
• baseball cap – black wool blend with giant script R
• gloves – black knit

No purse or bag.  Just cash, ID, credit card, lip balm and iPhone in pockets.

Whew!  Now *only* thing I need is a big win on Monday Night!

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3 Responses to What To Wear To Redskins-Eagles MNF

  1. Teresa Bruce says:

    You own mom jeans? I call B.S. You’re far too fashionable.

    • audsanns says:

      Okay, they aren’t real mom jeans, but they are er, weekend jeans with lots of room – for layers and food and drink at the game!

  2. A concerned Birds fan says:

    No way did Leron damage my man #7 Green Jesus

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