Does The Regular Season Count

Caps fans are spoiled – face it.   We’re used to spectacular goals, scoring fests and winning streaks.  On more than one occasion, I’ve heard friends and fellow Caps fans dismiss the regular season.  All this (insert dramatic hand wave) doesn’t count.

Well duh.  Of course, it’s how the team plays in April — and May and especially June that really counts.  I get it.  But we can’t fast forward the regular season – any regular season.  And we can’t take things for granted.  Like the 8th seed in the playoffs.

Besides, the regular season, if used correctly, gets us where we want to be.  I don’t mean personal or team records – although those are great.  Or even scoring streaks and winning streaks – also nice.  I mean learning how to win, how to cycle, how to score when the game is tight, when the big guns are having an off day.

During the Caps winning streak, we’re seeing pick up in scoring by defenseman.  Coincidence?  We’re seeing Knuble finding his scoring groove.   I’ve also been to games where the second and third lines are the standouts until Ovie breaks out …  And we all know that in the playoffs, someone other than #8 needs to score.  The regular season is the time when we test things out, fix the kinks in the system and get the role and star players ready for the “real” games.

Besides, it’s tons of fun!

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