People Watching At Degrees

Some things are just not meant to be.  We’d been talking about seeing The Social Network since we first saw the trailer several months ago.

But actually getting to the movie was another matter.  Something kept coming up – work, a play date with friends, being sick, you name it.  I think we went to the theater one time, but got shut out – or did we just think about doing it, then decided to abort the mission?  Finally, this past weekend, we got to the AMC in Georgetown, but there were only nine seats left in the theater.  What?  ARGH!

So we went from movie watching to people watching.  We hiked over to Degrees, the bar at the Ritz.  I say hike because it’s a steep hill, then a left turn up another steep hill.  Not a big deal, but a bit tougher in high-heeled boots.  Turns out my high-heeled boots were the only thing I had in common with any other woman at the bar.

I was one of maybe two or three non-blondes – until the evening wore on and a group of very attractive Indian women showed up.   I was wearing a long sleeved t-shirt and a chunky sweater.  Most of the women there were wearing sleeveless tops.  One forty-something had on a top cut almost to her waist in the back.  At least I had my skinny jeans on!

There was a group of guys wearing flannel shirts – uhm, trying to recapture the frat boy days?  Not sure what that was about.  Then a group of nicely dressed African American men.  A smattering of couples.  But mostly groups of ladies – or gents – out for a good time.  I’d say similar to POV bar at W Hotel downtown, but less flashy and less Euro.

Service at the bar was very pleasant, and we had a good vantage point of one scene in DC.

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