Tackle Box – Tasty, Low Key Recharge for (More) Shopping in Georgetown

When Tackle Box first opened, I was somewhat skeptical – a New England-like dive in the middle of M Street in Georgetown?  Seemed a bit incongruous.  We finally made our way over there, and found it the perfect spot for a shopping break. We were running errands and tooling around Georgetown, looking for a place for a quick bite.  Of course, having a Groupon for Tackle Box made it the easy choice …

The place is indeed no frills.  You order at the counter up front, where a nice Georgetown student seemed to be in charge this random Saturday afternoon, then wait until your number is called.  You have a choice of parking yourself at one of the counters (which we chose) or sitting at a long picnic-table style bench.  The place was more than half full – so you could sit without being squished next to a big group – and there was good traffic in and out.

Our food – I had the lobster roll, G chose the crab cake sandwich – was quite good.  The fries were terrific, crispy and covered in old bay.  I think we ate every last one in our baskets.

Tackle Box crab cake sandwich and lobster roll

I’m no expert on lobster rolls – I’ve only ever had them at four different places, all in the past six months – Ris, Hudson, Red Hook Lobster Truck and now Tackle Box …  Here’s what I really liked about Tackle Box:  the buttered, slightly toasted roll.  Not sure what purists would say, but I think I prefer toasted (and definitely buttered) to the traditional untoasted buttery bun.  The lobster was sweet and juicy, with no sign of mayonaise (another plus for this non-mayo eater) and it looked like there were few, if any other seasonings on the lobster, which is how I like it.

Re-energized and ready for more shopping – onward!

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