Caps Pass Early Test Against Bruins

I know it’s early in the season still, but I think the Caps win against Bruins was huge.  And the crowd knew it.  Not to overstate the game, but it was an early season test.  Losing 3-1 then 4-1 in the home and away (or was it away and home?) was not good.  Bruins look hot, Caps did not.  Probably the biggest game of the year – so far.  More to come.

Really, it was three or four games in one:

  • first period up and down ending in a draw
  • second period domination by the Caps (should have ended there)
  • third period sloppiness by Caps, Bruins come back
  • closing minutes of the third, Caps clutch players come up big, put it out of reach.

So …. really, after the second, Caps should have figured out how to keep the lead and hold it.  If Semin’s short-handed goal was not the stake in the hearts of the Bruins, then what was?  With Tim Thomas pulled at the intermission – not that Tusko Raask is a slouch – the game should have been well in hand.

But you know the Caps like to make it exciting for the fans … What about Bourdreau pulling Neuvy – why? Maybe it’s a Washington coach thing to bench players for no good reason?  At least Boudreau’s worked.

Goal by Carlson – third goal by a defenseman.  Clean win off the draw.  Maybe this is our set play? Or our D is stepping up to score when the forwards can’t.  In any case, I’m okay with the result.

Next test:  Flyers on Sunday.

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