Sea of Black, Lots of Guitar, Mellow Night With Interpol

Interpol at Constitution Hall

Who knew DC had so many hipsters – or hipster wanna bes?  We walked into the Interpol show at Constitution Hall to a black-clad audience waiting for the black-clad band to start their set.  Definitely a post-punk sentimentality.

Look at all the douchey glasses! my friend Mel cracked.  Then I reminded her she had douchey glasses on.  But I need them to see, she protested.  Uh-huh.  I kinda wished I had chosen a black (not gray) hoodie to go with with my black t-shirt.  Should have worn a hat, too.  Maybe black eyeliner.

Notwithstanding the monochromatic crowd, the groovy guitar and thrumming bass made for a good time. An almost packed crowd of fans, who all seemed to know the tunes and thump their feet appropriately.  My personal highlight of the night was watching guitarist Daniel Kessler dance on stage while playing.  The man is light on his feet, I’ll say that.

Singer Paul Banks noted the formality of the venue – one of like three things he said during the set, definitely not a big talker or banterer.  I have mixed feelings about that.  Usually, I’m there to hear the music, I don’t need too much chatter.  But it’s fun to get a little personality …

I actually like Constitution Hall.  First off, I can walk there (yes, it’s all about me).  It’s a good size.  It can get warm in there, but I think it’s a good location for bands like Interpol – not so intimate as 930 Club or a smaller venue, but still close and good for the bands that play well for their fans, but don’t quite have the style or personality to rock a larger arena.

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  1. Who’s playing Thanksgiving week?

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