Is Getting Shellacked in Med-Term Elections Similar to Being Benched?

Somewhere near Baltimore, Jim Zorn is chuckling at the ineptness of the Redskins’ offense and the porousness of the O line. Further up I-95, Andy Reid is saying look, it isn’t *me* … or *my* two minute drill …

Only the Redskins can bench the franchise quarterback and then (un)explain it in such a way that more confusion is created, not less. More questions are raised, not answered.

All this, the game before the bye-week — Hello to two weeks of rehashing an ill-conceived, and certainly ill-explained, act.

Oh and who’s coming to town after the bye-week? Philadelphia.  A sure way to keep the media and the fans focused on … McNabb!

Way to ensure a rash decision and the bumbling explanations afterward dominate the news … for two weeks.

The only good thing about the McNabb benching? It means those of us in Washington have an alternative to the apocalyptic stories about the mid-term elections. Which is more depressing?  Which “team” will be turned around quicker?

Of course, sometimes a step back can be a chance to re-evaluate, re-focus and regain momentum.  Sometimes it’s a (much-needed) wake up call, albeit a harsh one.  I think I’ve read that post-benching, McNabb wins 70%+ of his games.  But he probably won 70% of his games in Philadelphia on average anyway …

As for me, I’ll continue to support the team, even when I don’t have complete faith that the guy at the top knows what he’s doing or that he is hearing the discontent and anxiety of the little guy in the seats/sofas.  Still supportive, just not cheering as loudly, and quietly grumbling with all the other loyal fans.

Come on, we have two weeks/years – there’s still a chance we can still turn this thing around!

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