Ready to Restore Sanity

Maybe it’s that those of us who live in DC are so jaded by politics that we don’t always recognize how others in so-called real America feel.  But once we get on board, we get on board.  Exhibit A:  me and the Rally to Restore Sanity.

When Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert first announced their joint rally, my response was meh, just remember not to run errands in Virginia that day (unlike the time I got stuck on the bridges trying to get back into DC during the Glenn Beck event) …. Earlier in the week, G mentioned we should walk down to the Mall to check it out.  Really?  The next day I got an email from another couple – what are your plans for the Rally?  Um, we don’t have any?

On Thursday afternoon, I decided I would organize a small pre-Rally brunch … bloody Marys and bagels.  Find the extra battery to my phone for what I’m sure will be terrific terrible reception, much like the Inauguration … Can’t go wrong, right?

Next (of course) I thought about what to wear, and in a stroke of genius, came up with this:

Hopeful Rizzo Obama-style

Both ironic and political.

Will the event be a success?  We’ll see …

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2 Responses to Ready to Restore Sanity

  1. mrthedj says:

    Wish I was there! This is an Australian’s (outsider) view on #rally4sanity -Read it here

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