Statute of Limitations on Forwarding Mail

Should I be more disturbed that 5 years after we moved in, handwritten cards to the previous owner’s young kids still arrive at my address?  Or that the Commonwealth of Virginia seemingly hasn’t realized he’s moved?

Mail overflowing

On any given day, about half the mail at our house is for someone who doesn’t live there.  Bank of America, for example, sends what are probably solicitations to a woman I’ve never heard of – at my address.

Normally, one might assume the ever-efficient US Postal Service to be at fault.  Alas, you’ve never met Tom.

After we moved in, Tom would set up a time to stop by to pick up his mail – a sizable shopping bag crammed full of letters, catalogs, etc.  Then I started to get concerned – USPS could be taking a while, but it had been weeks and Tom was still stopping by periodically …

During one scheduled pick up, our mail carrier walked by, and Tom ran after him.  “Reminder, anything going to this last name or this one (here he dug through the bag to find mail addressed to him and another piece addressed to his wife), should be going to our new address two streets away.”

Well, I guess that’s one way of notifying the post office of your change of address!

This morning, I dropped the VA department of taxation letter in a mail box, after marking it clearly:  not at this address.  Hope it finds Tom sometime soon …

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One Response to Statute of Limitations on Forwarding Mail

  1. I’d say this Tom’s a dead-beat. Go to the post office, fill out a change of address on his behalf – to anywhere else in the world but your house!

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