Did DC Move to Once A Week Trash Collection?

Trash-lined street in Dupont Circle

There are lots of household tasks that I don’t love, but taking out the trash tops the list.  What’s worse?  When the trash sits uncollected.  It’s completely unsightly and unsanitary.  On a woody street (read racoons) of row houses, some of which are multi-unit, it’s just inviting a disaster.

So what’s been a Tuesday/Friday trash collection seems to have switched to a Saturday only collection?  At least that’s my empirical observation.  Apparently, word of the unofficial change has not gotten out.  Everyone continues to put their trash out on Monday evening or early Tuesday morning. Then it sits … and sits.

Monday October 10 was Columbus Day, so everything gets moved back a day.   No problem, so pick up would be Wednesday.  Except it wasn’t.  And it wasn’t Thursday either. And certainly not on Friday.  Finally, on Saturday, it was gone.  Perhaps an anomaly?

More like a new pattern. This Tuesday, I got home from work, and the trash was still sitting happily in its can.  It greeted me Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.  Even this morning at 9:00 am, it was still saying “good morning” to me.  At this point, Friday’s garbage had joined it, and more of our neighbors’ trash was sitting outside on the sidewalk as well.  It was a veritable garbage block party.

What gives? The conspiracist on our block insists that Mayor-elect Gray is simply welcoming those who probably didn’t vote for him to the new world order:  That’s how we do it in the new DC.

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