The Book of Grievances

Everyone has one, right? A list of those who have “wronged” you?  (Virginia Thomas certainly does)

Me?  I simmer for a long time, then finally boil over.  Then I’m done – I’m over it.

My husband, it seems, has an active book .  Somehow it came up at dinner the other night.  I laughed it off, but he then named two former bosses of mine.  They are on *your* book of grievances?  But if they belong anywhere, they belong on my list.  No doubt, he replies.  But they are on my list, and I know how to hold a grudge, he adds.

But I moved on long ago, even if they were both unfair and nasty.

Did you settle the score, my husband asked.

Um, I guess not.  I just moved past it, I won, I went on to do bigger and better things.

Doesn’t work that way.  They stay on the book until you settle up with them.

Interesting.  So, you have names on your book that belong to me?  Of course, he says.  He proceeded to name people who had (I guess) in some way gone out of their way to be mean or at the very least extremely unhelpful to me.  He actually named a (former) friend from my time in college.  I hadn’t thought of her in years.  I couldn’t help but laugh.

I guessed at a couple of names on his list, and we had a good chuckle.  But somehow, he wasn’t as bothered by his names as mine.  Because he had crossed so many off?  Because he was sure he would?

Of course, I found it oddly endearing, in a funny-I-should-be-disturbed-but-I’m-amused kind of way.

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