Volunteering Should Be Voluntary

It’s never an easy decision to break up.  Especially if you’ve been involved for a couple of years.  There are always good times to remember and the whole thrill of getting to know each other.  But lately I find …

  • I’m spending way too much time wondering why this relationship is so unfullfilling.  Is it me?  It can’t be.
  • I dread getting together in person.  In fact, I’m hoping work gives me an “out.”
  • I look for reasons why I can’t talk on the phone.
  • When we do talk on the phone, I get upset and can’t focus for the rest of the day.
  • Then I spend the next few days emailing, IMing, texting and actually chatting on the phone with my friends about it.
  • I am excited when I have to say “no”

Pros and Cons

If this were a relationship, I would cut the cord in a heartbeat. Instead, it’s a volunteer group – which makes it almost work.

What do my friend say? See if it gets better. Maybe things will look up. Give it a chance. There are ebbs and flows in any relationship.

But the one that actually works – it won’t be the same without you.  (translation:  I’m kinda trapped, too, but we can commiserate about being trapped.).  Or better yet, I love seeing you at our meetings.  Me, too.  I like being part of the gang.  But that’s kinda like not dumping your crappy boyfriend because you like hanging out with his roommate.

What am I actually going to do?  Procrastinate and be increasingly unavailable.  Yep, that’s why passive-aggressive is such a popular response.

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