Manning Pretty Impressive to Watch


Garcon gets the ball

Watching Peyton Manning march his team up the field snap after snap is a thing of beauty.  Even if it’s against your team.  And even if you aren’t really a Peyton fan.

It’s pretty impressive.  There’s no time for the D to rest or get in a rhythm, much less recover or substitute players.  Not that you’d know who to put in/take our, he’s up at the line already, so you’d better start figuring out who you’re supposed to cover and get there.

Even more impressive – how does Manning know exactly where to throw the ball?  He knows who he’s going to throw to before the ball even gets to his hand.  And it’s always the right choice – it’s the open spot where the defender just dropped back, it’s the open seam down the middle or it’s Addai when no defenders are paying attention to the run.  Or it’s that sliver of space on the sideline that’s just enough to allow Pierre Garcon to get his hand on the ball.

Still, our team played well.  We were in it to the end.  Although if we could have converted some of those turnovers or better yet, held onto the football for the interception …

Let’s admit it though ‘Skins fans:  we didn’t get embarrassed.  None of us *really* thought we could beat Indy, we just wanted to keep it close and hope for a break at the end.

Tune in after Thanksgiving to see if Favre lives up to his hype.  Peyton Manning sure did.

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