It’s Getting Loud in Here (at FedEx Field)


Redskins heading onto the field vs. Packers


A great day for football in mid-October – sunny and 76, Aaron Rogers and the Packers coming to town.  The stadium was packed, the crowd was into it, especially in overtime.  It was LOUD.  My (Packers) friend remarked that she had never been in a stadium that loud.  Louder than Lambeau?  Louder than that.

In the end, a terrific effort by an offense that got the ball to the open man, and a defense that forced turnovers and got the ball back at a critical time.  Another game that went down to the wire.  This team is nothing if not exciting.

Things looked shaky in the first half.  I thought the Redskins would be down 14-0 – or more – at the half, so I was pretty happy with 10-3.  All game though, McNabb was getting the crap kicked out of him.  Five sacks?  A couple looked unblocked – one of the linemen forget their assignment? And another where the guy was on McNabb as he was dropping back.  Let’s not even talk about that botched snap that went back, like 20 yards.

But, for all the offensive struggles, McNabb got the ball to Santana when it counted (loved the long bomb).  Not sure that would have happened last year.  And he had a great TD to Armstrong.  Our return guy Brandon Banks is terrific – the speed and shiftiness to break open the game any time he touches the ball and a huge fan favorite.

Best of all though, the D is getting better.  Orakpo continues to shine, getting the key sack, hassling Rogers.  Alexander stepping up as a starter.  Moore making a difference on the field (despite getting burned for a long TD).

And Landry – what can you say?  He is a beast.  Intense, aggressive, and all over the field.  Stripped the ball in the first, with a nasty hit on the Packers receiver.  Made the key interception that allowed the team to win.

Friendly goal post also helped.

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