Despite Overtime Loss, New Vibe Reigns at FedEx

After the home owner against Dallas, a friend chastened me – The Redskins didn’t kick a$$, he said, they just won.  Still it was more than could be said last year.

More importantly, the entire stadium seems to be filled with hopefulness – we might win a close one.  Whereas last year, it was all about how we could lose.  The differences?

  • The team on the field – yes, it has its weaknesses.  Calling the running game, anyone? But it’s fun to watch McNabb air it out to Galloway (who knew he was even still in the League), Davis, Cooley, or the unimitable Santana Moss.  The D has more swagger and doesn’t seem to be carrying the obvious and overwhelming burden of having to single-handedly keep the team in the game.  After all, this year, #5 is sharing that burden.  Much as poor Jason Campbell tried last year, everyone on the field and in the stands knows that McNabb might do it, whereas Campbell wouldn’t.
  • The coaches on the sidelines – Were press conferences more interesting last year?  Well, gosh golly geez, maybe they were.  But there was a lot more explaining to do last year, too.  Amateur hour is over – not a season too soon.  While voters in DC and maybe elsewhere in the country devalue competence, I for one, enjoy it.
  • The fans in the stands – there’s not an automatic assumption of a horrific last second loss.  Although truth be told, we suffered a heartbreaker yesterday and almost had one against Dallas, save for the great play by Orakpo.  Still, we expect to win and know the team will compete.

What does that all add up to?  Playoffs?  Not necessarily, although I sure hope so.  The “mighty” Dallas Cowboys are 0-2 right now so … Whatever happens, it’ll be better than 4-12 and the team won’t be a pathetic joke.  1-1 going to St. Louis next week?  I’ll take it.

Here’s to a dramatically different season for the ‘Skins.

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