Estadio – Great Food, Cool Decor, But Something’s Just A Bit Off …

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of Proof – I’ve always found it annoying and pretentious.  So when the owners opened a new place that got good reviews, I was like eh.  Not that interested.

But I finally broke down and gave Estadio a try.  Verdict?

  • Food – terrific, every dish was excellent, great flavors, original combos
  • Drinks – who can pass up a fruity alcoholic slushee?  Or a salty scotch and soda?  Wines were good, not great.  And interesting barware
  • Service – our waiter was superb – he always seemed to show up right as we were perusing the menu, but he didn’t hover. and he made quality recommendations.
  • Bathrooms – as cool as advertised. (I was a bit confused though – do I pick the door with Penelope Cruz, because I’m a woman? Or the door with Javier Bardem, because, well, perhaps he’s behind that door?) Better yet, the ladies room had a huge mural of an old photo of the Spanish national soccer team.  David Villa looking good, but before he figured out his look and his soul patch.  Best of all? The shirtless Sergio Ramos, hair flying, celebrating.

So would I go back?

Not willingly.

Hmmm.  Despite the food and drinks, the lovely company and the er, visually stimulating decor, the crowd left something to be desired.  When we got there, it was a neighborhood-y crew.  Couples, groups of friends hanging out.  When we left – partly why we left – the place had been taken over by Jersey Shore types.  No thanks.  It was only 10:30 or so and already overrun by the stench of bad cologne and hair gel, women too old to be dressed as skankily as they were.

Worst of all, the arrogance of the sommelier.  He of the Justin Beiber man-bangs had been smug and only somewhat helpful as we asked about wines to go with our dishes.  But as we left, we playfully asked him to give seating preference to our new “friends” – three 30-something girlfriends who were waiting near us, very pleasant and chatting.

A simple “I’ll see what I can do” or “I wish I could, but there’s a line … ” would have sufficed.

I didn’t appreciate the snooty “Nice try.  I don’t think so. Buh-bye”

Pretty summed up my experience with Estadio.

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