Secret Safeway – Alas, We Hardly Knew You

For those of us in the neighborhood, the Secret Safeway on the corner of 20th & S is a good thing – unless you live too close.  Then it can be a source of just disruptive enough foot traffic when you least want it.  For me, I know a carton of milk, a bag of spinach and last minute pint of Haagen Daaz is all just 5 minutes away, but not for long it would seem.

The Washington Business Journal confirms a rumor I’ve heard in the Dupont Circle neighborhood – the Secret Safeway is going away.  If you go onto and enter the address, the store doesn’t even come up …but I’m not sure that it ever did.

What’s going in its place?  Seems a strange corner for either business/retail.  More importantly, where do I get last minute groceries without having to schlepp to Whole Foods on 14th & P or Trader Joe’s at 25th and L?

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