US Team Needs A Nickname

Why is every other World Cup team nicknamed “blue”?

  • France – Les Bleus
  • Italy – Azzurri
  • Argentina – Albicelestes (white and sky blue – not to be confused with regular blue)
  • Japan – Blue Samurai (I guess Rising Sun Samurai or Blood Red Samurai a bit too controversial?)

Then there are the cool mascot type nicknames

  • Algeria – Dessert Warriors
  • Cameroon – Indomitable Lions
  • England – Three Lions
  • Mexico – Aztecas

Of course, your team nickname could be “the team” or Die Mannschaft … My thought:  if you’re going with generic reference to “team,” then I think you can’t beat Bafana Bafana (the boys).

I’ve seen the US National Team referred to as the “Yanks” or the “Stars and Stripes” – eh.  I don’t have any great ideas (yet), but here are a few thoughts:

  • red white and blue  – always a classic, can’t go wrong referencing colors
  • eagles, bald eagles or some variation on national bird – mascot approach
  • the dudes – team approach
  • gold rush, explorers, colonials – vaguely historic reference

Clearly, I could use some suggestions … then again, so could the US National Team

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One Response to US Team Needs A Nickname

  1. richardsblah says:

    I like The Eagles (your suggestion, not the band). Not sure Bob Bradley is going to go with The Bald Eagles. A bit too close to the bone. 😉

    How about The Independents? The Free States? Okay, never mind. My suggestions suck.

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