Only Fat Albert Could Turn The Danny Into A Sympathetic Hero

Come on, you knew it was bad news.  Why were the ‘Skins the only team willing to pay Haynesworth that outrageous contract?  Why did Tennessee let him go so easily?  And that was all *before* he, ahem, played for the team.

I wonder how much he made per down – $100,000 each?  He’s collected $32 million, he’s supposed to get $42 M for 14 games.  How many downs does he play?  How many minutes?  Man, that’s the life.  And now he’s thumbing his nose at The Danny.

Well, much as I like to see The Danny get his comeuppance, Fat Albert’s outright larceny is a bit too much for this fan to stomach.

Here’s a great quote from Coach Shanahan:  Pretty much.

“We told him, if you take that check, we expect you to be the best nose tackle in football,” Shanahan said. “Obviously he took the check. He made the commitment to the Washington Redskins.”

Pretty much.  You take the money, you do the job.  Isn’t that a rule of every basic heist movie?  I guess Fat Albert didn’t catch that.

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