Brasserie Beck Goes Above and Beyond

I was reluctant to suggest Brasserie Beck for dinner when my college roommate emailed that she would be in DC.  There are tons of cool new places in that part of town, e.g., Againn, and good – nay great – standbys, say Rasika or Acadiana.  The food at Beck has always been top notch.  But the service has sometimes been iffy.  It’s been loud, it’s been warm, it’s been slow.  And yes, it’s been the scene of some of the more unpleasant dinners I’ve attended (excluding those with my MIL, of course).  Come to think of it, I *did* go there once with them as well …

That’s why I haven’t set foot in Brasserie Beck in ages.  The last time I ate there, I remember being so annoyed by the company, I was trying to figure out if I could manufacture an emergency so I didn’t have to stay through the meal.  On the other hand, it’s where I finally realized that I should just divorce my friend who had become so embroiled in her own unhappiness, she could no longer be happy unless everyone around her was even more miserable.

Yes, expectations were low, but Beck far exceeded them.  The food, as always, was terrific.  I ate everything on my plate with the exception of one sprig of thyme.  Two delicately and perfectly sauteed soft shell crabs on a bed of buttery mashed potatoes and garlic spinach.  Yum!  A glass of pinot blanc, nicely chilled, setting off the food.

But most impressive?  The service.  Attentive, but never intrusive.  Gave us our privacy without leaving us on our own too long.  Our server noticed that I handed my friend a card and asked if it was her birthday.  Then she asked for her name and spelling.  When we ordered dessert, she brought out the chocolate raspberry cake with a personalized happy birthday message.  More than we expected, and truly made our evening.

Looks like it’s time to add Beck back to the list.

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