World Cup and Social Media

I admit, I only pay attention to soccer once every four years, for the World Cup … but then it’s a deep dive that lasts the entire month.  All the intensity of an entire season compressed into a few short weeks.  I’ve been known to wake up at ungodly hours to watch games in Europe or South Korea and obsess over players I didn’t even know existed a few short weeks before.

In other words, I am a Johnny-come-lately to “football” as the rest of the world calls it.  But I’m a regular one.

What’s really great though, is how technology has made it much easier to watch games and stay up to date on news, which is key for the truly international audience that will be tuning in.  I just downloaded the Fox Soccer mobile app, Ticket to South Africa. But there are many more promotions for those who want to get involved, including an invitation from The Washington Post to tell your story on their new dedicated World Cup site.

Even more than the intensely passionate fans, I love the drama.  My current favorite is the possible feud between Messi, Argentina’s best player, and their legendary coach Maradona.  Can they put aside their differences to bring glory back to Argentina again or will the team melt down from the intensity of the scrutiny?  These stories read like soap operas, and that’s just one team, albeit one known for fireworks!

What’s going to happen when all those tempestuous players, coaches and fans gather in South Africa in a few days?  Who knows – and that’s why I’m tuning in!

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