Summer is here!

In many ways, DC is like a commuter college.  On long weekends and holidays, half the people disappear, leaving the city to those of us willing to brave the heat and humidity.  The upside is relatively uncrowded restaurants, actually being able to hear your dinner companions –  the small things in life, the things we love about this city.

Memorial Day weekend was no exception.  As most people headed out and battled their way to Rehobeth, Dewey or Virginia Beach, we enjoyed breathing space at the Dupont Farmer’s Market.  Actually being able to purchase vegetables and fruit without having to wait in an impossible line – image that.  Later that day, a great dinner deal at Dino — one-third off a bottle of Brunello to go with terrific homemade fresh pasta – not bad at all.  Then a drink at Black Fox Lounge with friends, where we could hear each other and hang out for as long as we wanted.

Of course, there was the street parking situation, too – pretty much parking spots for the picking.

I guess it’s only fair that in exchange for putting up with the heat and humidity, Washingtonians get some benefits …

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