Growing Up This Off-Season

It’s been a devastating loss for all of us – fans and players — but how you deal with the disappointment and more importantly, how you grow from it is the key.  True for those of us in the stands, and more so for those on the rink (or field).

Kudos to Ovechkin who took tough questions and shouldered the blame – even when he didn’t have to.  For those critics who think the Caps can’t win with Ovie as the C, I say this:  #8 wears his heart on his sleeve, and he wants to win.  We know that, and we appreciate it.  When it happens – and it will – it will be all the sweeter for the losses we have endured – together.   I hope he uses to off-season to get back to his pre-Olympics form and fire.

Brooksie – What a guy.  Never so deflated he can’t lend a hand.

Big surprise that the guys who didn’t show up this series didn’t talk to the media.  Green and Semin need to grow up and do it quickly.  I’m sure they’re disappointed, but so are we the fans.  And for as much as they get paid, it’s part of the job to respond to our questions.  When you haven’t done your actual job – score goals, prevent the other team from scoring goals – then it’s the least you can do.

Flash?  Turns out he was willing to speak – good for him.  But is the team sent him message when they told him that wouldn’t be necessary …?

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