Another Freakin’ Game 7

Or as GMGM said, “Another [expletive] Game 7.”

Fourth seven-game series in three years, fourth in four series.  What gives?  I guess this team really does play better with their backs against the wall.  But can’t they just pretend their back’s against the wall when they’re up 3-1?  It’s called imagination.

Here’s the thing, though.  In years past, we were excited to force a game 7.  Now we’re on the other side … demoralized, but trying to be upbeat.

Here’s the real question:  Do I want to go to game 7?  Until 2008, I had never been to a game 7 – in any sport.  Then came that overtime loss to the Flyers.  The air went out of the place.  We were sitting in the clubs and could see the play develop the entire way.  Nothing to do, just a no-no-no inside my head.

Then again, the Federov shot to beat Lundquist and the Rangers last year in game 7 – that was amazing.  Euphoric.

Couldn’t decide whether to try to go to the Caps-Pens game seven last year in the playoffs … watched the debacle from home instead.  Wise choice.

The hub is no help.  “I’ve never been to a game 7 loss” he boasted.  I was puzzled.  What about the Caps-Flyers … oh right, Philadelphia boy.  I guess that was a win for you.

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