Last Game of The Regular Season

President's Trophy

Not a great game as games go, but a fun time, nonetheless.  All the big guns played, with Ovechkin logging more than 25 minutes.  The fans were just waiting for Ovie to score, so we could burst.  Alas, it didn’t happen.  Thus, no scoring title for #8 this time.

Still, nothing could take away from the festive atmosphere.  Sharp LCD TV giveaways.  Announcements of ticket holders winning signed pucks, sticks and jerseys.  Of course, I was really hoping to get picked for Jerseys Off Our Backs.  I guess, there’s next year – hope springs eternal.

At intermission, fans lined up to get their picture taken in front of the President’s Trophy, this goofy space age looking thing.  Of course, we were all thinking about the real prize – the Stanley Cup.

So the season ended with a love fest between the players and fans, with Ovechkin and Backstrom throwing t-shirts to the fans from the ice.

Time to take this relationship to the next level, boys.  This fan wants some bling.

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