NcNabb a Redskin?

Crazy, right?  McNabb a Redskin … even this photo doesn’t seem quite right on so many levels:

McNabb the Redskin

Nonetheless, here he is.  I’m surprised, stunned even.  But I love it.

Does it solve *all* our problems?  By no means.  We need a left tackle in this draft … But does this make the Redskins a much better team?  Of course.  And that’s not a knock on Jason Campbell, either, whom I liked and tried to support.  JC did a fine job, but McNabb, with his experience and veteran presence, will change how this locker room will function in a way that the polite and soft-spoken Campbell couldn’t.  Sure, McNabb’s job is made easier by Mike Shanahan’s presence.  Like him or not, he’s a pro – unlike that clown we had here for two years – and there is a limit to what Shanahan will tolerate.

Sunday night, I texted my cousin that McNabb coming to DC makes the Redskins 8-8.  I was trying to manage my own expectations.  More likely, we could be looking at 10-6 and a slot in the playoffs.  Most likely cannon fodder … but once you’re in, who knows what can happen …

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