Caps End of Season Slide – Concerned, But Keeping the Faith

It seems ominously reminiscent of last year’s end of season sloppiness, and that continued into the first game of the playoffs against the Rangers.

This year, everyone seems to be saying the right things.  Following Tuesday’s loss, Boudreau’s talking about shaking up lines to keep them fresh, Nicky is talking about last year and how we have to learn from that experience.  Fans booing at the intermission to get on the team.  So why is slide continuing?  Can we halt it?  And how – before this turns into an unceremonious exit from the playoffs (in the first round).

  • They can’t win every game – this piece of wisdom from my mom, who thoroughly enjoyed the 5-3 loss to Calgary this weekend.  “The fans didn’t leave” she remarked, impressed at our loyalty.  And the team played in the second and third periods.  Now, if only we could do something about the pesky first …
  • These teams are playing for playoff spots; last year’s teams had nothing to play for – okay, I guess I’d rather lose to a good team than a crappy one?  But borderline teams get hot and then they’re tough to beat once the playoffs start.

I don’t mind losses – okay, I do.  I admit it, I’ve become spoiled this year …. I mind how we are losing.  It’s one thing to lose when the other team gets lucky, but another to get outplayed and outhustled.  Not good.

Maybe there’s karma at play here.  I was at  5 or 7 of the record setting winning streak, I guess the rules of statistics dictate I’ll be there for a series of losses.  As long as the Caps right the ship and are ready when the second season starts, I’ll be okay with that.

Until then, just keeping the faith – and keeping my fingers crossed!

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