Eola – New Today on P Street, But Will It Last?

The stretch of restaurants on P Street from 20th to 22nd seems to have turned over again.  The newest addition:  Eola, set in the space formerly occupied by Mark & Orlando’s.  Great location, but will it last?  Unclear.

On an unseasonably cold Friday evening, we walked over to check out Eola, to mixed reviews from our crew.  First off, it was cold – as in 40 degrees – and the restaurant didn’t seem to have the heat on.  Our server asked if we were cold – was the shivering a giveaway? – then said she would turn on the heat for a few minutes to see if it made a difference.  It did, but what really helped was closing the front door of the double doors.  Apologies to the hostess, but that made dinner much more pleasant for the diners in the somewhat sparsely populated dining room.

As for the food, it was a nice mix of flavors.  Good, not great.  Nice use of local ingredients, and some unusual items on the menu.  Pork jowl?  Coddled egg – from a pampered hen or what?  And what’s blue foot?  A type of chicken?  A type of mushroom?  Unclear.  Although it was the topic of heated debate during our meal.

Overall, a pleasant experience.  The wine list had some nice offerings – including a tasty Chehalem pinot noir reserve – some unusual choices for this area, and well-priced.  Service was attentive.

But not sure they outclassed the competition on P Street.  My halibut was good, but Pesce is much better, for a similar, maybe even slightly lower price point.  Good luck, Eola.  Check it out while it’s still there.

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