Knuble in the Shoot Out – No WAY!

Knuble the Hero

Thursday night’s Caps-Pens game was another classic.  Verizon looked like it was on fire.  The sound was deafening, even on TV.  And in my TV room, things were getting intense, too.

Both the expected and the unexpected in the shootout:

Unexpected:  Pens went with Letang first?  Then he took his shot, and the reason was clear.  He might be a defenseman, but he has a great shot.

Unexpected:  Miss by Backstrom a surprise — I feel like Nicky usually makes his …

Expected: Crosby makes his – bleh

Unexpected:  Ovechkin makes his shot (and what a shot it was).  Maybe he’s getting the hang of this shootout thing.  At that point, it was up to Theo to make the stops cuz we all knew Semin was going to make the shot.

Unexpected:  Guerin.  Really?  With all the talent on that team?  Although I guess Malkin and Gonchar were both out, but what about Staal?

Huge Unexpected: As the shootout goes to extra rounds, I thought maybe BMo, maybe Flash.  But Knuble?

Really huge unexpected:  He makes it!  I note that he still scored from like, two feet in front of the goal.

What a flash of brilliance from BB — He deserves serious consideration for Coach of the Year (again).  That kind of gutsy call … out of nowhere … and he makes it work.  Watch the video of Boudreau’s press conference, then Knuble’s description of getting the tap on the shoulder – priceless.

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