Black Fox – Cool Jazz Club/Bar in Dupont Circle

My friend and I were meeting for a drink after work, and instead of one of our standbys — La Tomate or Veritas, he suggested “this new place on Connecticut Avenue, not sure what it’s called, but it’s a long, narrow place.  Real cool”  Oh-kay.

So I started wandering down Connecticut Avenue toward La Tomate, looking for this nameless place.  I walked all the way down to R Street, then headed back up toward S.  I looked in at Bistro Bistro – surely not … then I looked into the window next door and saw Marty sitting at the bar.

I must have walked past it a bunch of times, but never noticed it.  Black Fox was indeed a long, narrow bar, with a cool blue and grey flecked granite and wood counter.  Along the opposite wall, there was a long, narrow ledge where you could rest your drink while standing and chatting with your group.  The back of the bar was a lounge-type area with low, leather sofas and tables.  There’s even a downstairs, cozy with a bar and lounge-y tables.  Live music most nights, too.

The best part, asks Marty?  No kids.

He wasn’t kidding either.  We sat at the bar and ordered our drinks and some appetizers.  People started trickling in slowly, all locals from Dupont Circle looking for a cool place to hang out and chat.  It wasn’t old foagies, but a nice mix of couples, small groups and individuals looking for a cool vibe and a place to just be.

It’s just what Dupont Circle needs, a cool neighborhood place that isn’t overrun by tourists or drunken kids looking for cheap booze.  I’m already planning my next visit – thinking through who to bring …

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