A Little Olympics Hangover

Is it just the chilly, dreary winter?  Or Olympics overload?  Maybe a bit of both.

Redskins front office is coming to life … but to what end? Is the overall direction there any better?  Unclear.

The Caps are back on the ice tonight – against the great Ryan Miller no less – but I can’t seem to get that excited.  So far, the first period has been kinda eh for me.  I followed the NHL trade deadline via Twitter today, and while it sounds like the Caps did well, I’m not sure GMGM got us past the tipping point.  Before the Olympics, I was sure we were there – didn’t need the last minute moves.  Now, I’m not so sure.

So while I appreciate the flurry of activity, I probably need a good win streak to get going again.

Although I just heard that John Carlson’s on the ice – maybe things are looking up already.

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