More Snow in Washington DC? Say It Ain’t So

Public Trash Can at 20th and S Street in Dupont Circle, Post-Apocalyptic Snows

The full-on panic hasn’t started yet, but it’s probably gonna happen today. Last night, the National Weather Service issued an alert that the Washington area could get FIVE more inches of snow. Within minutes, friends had posted it to Facebook and Twitter, complete with personal freakouts. I guess everyone’s out of milk and toilet paper (again).

To be fair, the problem isn’t so much the residents who live here and their attitudes toward the snow (although that’s probably part of it). The problem is the regional governments’ inability (or ineptitude) to deal with the effects of the snow.  I mean, who wouldn’t be traumatized to see this overflowing city trash bin, a week after the cross streets had been plowed.  Not to mention the 2-3 week delay in trash collection.  Sure, delays are understandable – even excusable – when the roads are covered with snow, but once the streets are bare to the pavement, what’s the excuse then?

Then again, we can hope the weather system shifts slightly and let’s DC off the hook.  We’ve had enough this winter.

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