Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2010

west highland white terrier on grooming table

As always, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was a zoo – a frenetic throng of humanity and caninity (is that a word?) focused on determining the best in each competing breed, then the best in group and ultimately Best in Show.  We skipped day one of the two day event, but got to Madison Square Garden at 8:00 am on Tuesday, day 2, to kick off the morning by watching gorgeous Rottweilers stomp around the ring.  I was overwhelmed after watching just a couple of the muscular, perfectly formed creatures, so we went into the back to watch various dogs get ready for their moment in the ring.

black cocker spaniel breed judging

Then it was back out to the floor to watch Sporting, Terrier and Working competitors run around the ring and try to make it to the next phase of judging.  Meanwhile, in the back, the fans packed into the stalls to check out the dogs that had just finished competing, getting the chance to ask the breeders questions and best of all, meet and pet the dogs.

The entire two days of intense competition culminated in Best in Show, which was terrific (as always), but almost a let down after the intense one-on-one with the dogs and people throughout the day.

Next up:  video from breed judging and behind the scenes – once I figure out how to upload the video!

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