The panic started mid-week last week, with reports of long lines in suburban Safeways and overheard snippets from co-workers’ offices, “don’t forget to get milk!” It reached a peak of frenzy when two colleagues planned to take turns standing in line at Trader Joe’s to pick up some extra groceries.  (Their plan failed because there was a line to get into the store and a bouncer to prevent people from sneaking in – or swapping places in line).

For those of us in the city, Friday and Saturday night were a winter wonderland.  Empty streets, spaces at bars and restaurants. Coming home from dinner last night, our street looked like Narnia – a desolate alley of snow, downed trees and strange hills that might be camouflaging cars.

Strap on some boots and get hiking over the snow drifts — Enjoy it while it lasts, before the melting slush overwhelms us.

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