Tabard Inn Fireplace – A Winter Classic

On the night of the latest Washington “snow storm” (4-5 inches in the city), a trek to the fireplace at the Tabard Inn seemed just the thing to do.  I’d like to say it was our idea, but our friends E&I suggested it, and struck by the genius of the suggestion, we simply agreed.

We weren’t the only ones with the same thought.  The bar at the restaurant was completely full, and the living room bar was pretty full as well, although we managed to get snag a couple of sofas close to the fire.  A nice, cozy space on a cold winter evening, as long as the fire was blazing.

Two quick downsides:  our friends hadn’t eaten, so we were hoping to get more than just bar food in the living room.  Unfortunately, not possible.  So that was a bummer.

For me, I was hoping for a nice Rhone red or maybe a spicy Zinfandel, something to knock the cold back.  The wines by the glass were on the lighter side, and for some reason, neither the California Merlot or Cab seemed to do it for me.  Perhaps just a difference in palate.  But all in all, a winner, and a classic for the Washington winter.

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