Missing Green on the PP

The Caps powerplay vs. the Lightning Sunday afternoon looked a bit odd.  Then I realized:  there were no defensemen out there.  It was a unit of 5 forwards, with Ovechkin and Brendan Morrison playing back.  And it wasn’t one of our usual lineups.  Fehr, Semin and Laich were out there.  Odd indeed.  At the switch, Backtrom and Flash came out, with Semin, Ovechkin and Morrison staying on the ice.  Later on, Pothier came out for B.Mo.

I wonder when B.Mo last played D – maybe in pee wees?  Why not play Sloan?  He looked good, and had a great chance early when he pinched in on a rush.

I heard later that the Caps have a shortage of right-handers on the blueline, hence B.Mo on the point.  Only Green and Pothier are righties.  Had never thought of it, but is that leaves a different kind of hole on the team for the team to fill over the next 2 games, not just scoring.

Of course, the Caps figured it out to kick off the second period with Backstrom scored on the PP.  Guess I was worrying over nothing.

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