Recovery Drink = Hangover Cure?

Hangover Cures?

I first heard about Code Blue from a colleague, who kindly ordered some cans to try out.  The makers claim that Code Blue is designed to enhance, ahem, recovery and “help in the elimination of toxins from the liver.”  In other words, a hangover cure.

Never mind that hangovers are Mother Nature’s attempt to keep the species from offing itself.  If it weren’t for killer hangovers, alcohol poisoning would have thinned out the ranks of 20 and 30 somethings.

Of course, everyone has their own formula for recovering from a night out:  A (big) glass of water and 2 Tylenol.  A bottle of Gatorade – lighter colors to keep from upsetting your stomach.  I’ve even heard a spoon of olive oil before going out to “prevent” bad after-effects.  Yuck.

It’s amazing that modern science hasn’t found a “cure” for the dreaded hangover.  Or has it?  Perhaps Code Blue is the game changer.

Does Code Blue work?  Based on two cases of empirical research, the answer is yes.  Is it better than the alternatives?  Unclear.

Test 1:  a night of beers out, probably would have generated mild hangover, add Code Blue.  But more helpful than a giant thing of Gatorade?  Dunno.  Test 2:  An evening of beers capped off by several rounds of scotch, again Code Blue seemed to help – although I needed a dose the next morning as well.  So two cans of Code Blue and much napping seemed to get me back on my feet. Not clear if Gatorade or water would do the same.

I suppose the only way to test whether it really works is to recreate the same evening out — same food, same number of drinks at same pace — then test Code Blue vs. Gatorade or water.  Perhaps NIH could fund that research?  Certainly seems worthwhile —  great potential for near universal application.

As for me, I plan to order a case – just in case.

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