Caps Winning Streak = 10

I’d like to take credit for the Caps winning streak.  There, I said it.  I’ve been there for five of the seven home wins, each one critical to the win streak:

  • Flyers – tough win over a big rival, showed our mettle.
  • Red Wings – playoff-like atmosphere
  • [Pens – okay, not a home game, but I watched intently, and don’t tell me that win didn’t mean anything, especially after the wins over Philly and Detroit the same week]
  • Ducks –  win eight in a row.  In the Boudreau era, the Caps have won seven in a row three times, but never eight.
  • Panthers – win number nine, a new record for second best for the franchise
  • Lightning – number 10, tying the franchise best.  Last 10-game win streak was 83-84.

Next up:  Bruins and Rangers on the road, then home for Thrashers and the Pens (!)

And here are a few more stats to keep in mind, via Capitals Insider:

The Caps are 21-3-3 at home, and have won nine straight at Verizon Center. It’s the second longest streak in franchise history. They also have the fewest regulation losses at home in the NHL.

How long can it continue?

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