KOMI, Great Food, But Maybe More Explanation and Less Sharing?

After that long cold spell (well, cold for DC), we finally had a string of beautiful days, and that made dinner at KOMI even more of a treat. That, and the fact that we got the reservation because of a last minute cancellation.

I called earlier in the week, on the off, off-chance that the restaurant had an opening.  No dice.  Then the person on the other end asked if I wanted to be put on the wait list.  Who knew?  I never expected a call, but got one on Friday afternoon.  I was excited, but had to ask the obvious question:  what time?  We can take you at 8.  No way!

The food didn’t disappoint.  We started with several – I didn’t keep track, but should have — bite-sized courses of fish.  Beautiful pieces of sashimi, or crudo.  Whatever you call it, delicious, delicately-flavored mouthfuls.  Each course, if it could be called that, came on a small plate that was placed between the two of us.  The scallops, for example, came chopped into cubes, mixed with almonds on two small spoons.  Next to the spoons, two slices of raw scallops with an edge of “sauce” that looked like a seared edge.

So far, so good.  But it was unclear how many of these tiny courses we were getting.  No big deal, I guess.  For the fish course, I had leftover sparkling gruner veltliner left over.  For the next course, I had a refill of the Spanish white.

Then came the pasta course.  The server put two different wine glasses out.  A mistake?  Nope.  I got a white Bordeaux (a tad tart) to go with my veggie pasta, while G got a glass of red to go with his meat and red-sauce pasta.  We each cut our pasta in half, ate it and sipped the wine, then traded.

What if you come here for a work event?  Yes, G has issues with sharing, but it was a good question. Can’t see myself sharing pasta and wine that way with a colleague or client.  What if we came with friends or family?  Would the sharing be too much?

The main course was also a shared dish.  A delicious roasted goat, amazingly tender and flavorful, with an accompaniment of fluffy homemade pita bread and sides of Greek style condiments.  We dug into the goat, pulling it apart with our forks and sipping our matched glass of Greek red (who knew Greek wine could be so good?).

In the end, the food was great, although the very intimate presentation was a bit overwhelming at times.  The wine pairings were good, but would have been better if the server had given us an overview.  Or even a prompt during the dinner (two more courses of fish before we move on, or something like that).

Bottom line:  recommend it, great, romantic place.  But not sure I’ll be rushing back.  And next time, I might take my chances picking my own wines.

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