Haiti Recovery Effort: Lots of Motion, No Movement on Mass Ave

Sadly, this past weekend, I’ve seen a steady stream of well-intentioned do-gooders flooding Kalorama, clogging up Massachusetts Avenue to deliver supplies to the Embassy of Haiti.  I’ve seen minivans blocking traffic while parents and kids from the ‘burbs unload bags of old clothes and their loot from Costco.

Interesting, right?  Since reports seem to indicate the airport in Port Au Prince is overrun with supplies, with no way to get them into the city, to the people who need them.

Bring on the supplies!

My favorite?  The 5 year old who no doubt donated his allowance to help the victims of the earthquake.  He struggled with a huge thing of toilet paper, one of those ginormous 18 roll things I struggle to get into the trunk of my car.  I guess neither the poor kid — nor alas, the clueless parents — realize that toilet paper is not something actually useful to people trying to recover from this earthquake.  What do you think the cost of shipping all that toilet paper is?  What about the volume of space — on a plane or boat?  I bet experienced aid workers could pack up that space with medicines, bleach or protein bars.

My guess is the Embassy will be well-stocked with TP for months to come.

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