Classic Low Country Cuisine – Charleston Dining, Part 2

The rest of our time in Charleston, I stuck closer to low country classics, and I was not disappointed.  Among the highlights:

Award-winning she-crab soup at 82 Queen.  Delicious, thick and full of cream, even after I cut it with golden sherry.  A cup was enough for an entire meal.  Never mind that I followed it up with a shrimp and lobster pasta (in cream sauce as well).  The soup came highly recommended by our waiter, who was incredibly friendly.  Of course, it wasn’t until I overheard him telling the couple at the next table about his upcoming wedding that I realized our chatter, while friendly for yankees, didn’t rate for the south.

Fried chicken salad at Poogan’s Porch.  I picked this place out of UrbanSpoon, and man, it was good.  And the biscuits – freshly baked with wisps of steam coming off them – to die for!  I also loved that they named the restaurant after their dog, which is just adorable.  There’s even a small statue of him in the front yard, just off the porch.

The entire ambience at Circa 1886.  Gorgeous carriage house to an even lovelier estate.  I can only imagine how beautiful it looked in its heyday.  I’d describe the cuisine as continental with touches of low country, but maybe that just reflected my selections.  The ivory turnip soup was beautifully presented, a wonderful mix of textures and tastes.  My only recommendation:  turning down the holiday muzak just a tad, seemed a bit at odds with the elegant location.

Wonderful dining city – and great that so many locations are open seemingly year round.  Both 82 Queen and Poogan’s Porch are open 365 days a year.

I guess Charlestonians don’t want anyone complaining about not getting enough to eat in their city!

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