Caps Represent at Olympics

Getting excited for the Olympics in general, but specifically for hockey.  And now that so many Caps have made their teams (okay, the preliminary rosters) …  even better!

A few months ago, I was kinda down on the whole thing.  Early projections for US men’s hockey team were just blah.  Then I came across something that had Nick Backstrom as a maybe – huh? — and a fourth liner at that (in actuality:  youngest guy on the Swedish national team!)

But the pendulum swings again, and last week’s announcement that Varly made the Russian team has me pretty pumped.

Caps to have the most team members representing?  Probably not, but we’ll be up there:

  • Russia — Ovechkin, Semin, Varlamov
  • Sweden — Backstrom
  • Slovakia — Jurcina (still think of him as a Cap)

Upcoming announcements:

  • Canada — December 30 — Mike Green (right?)
  • Czech — December 30 — Gotta have a spot for Flash …
  • USA — January 1 — Thought that Knuble was on the bubble, but with his recent injuries ….

That makes a total of six maybe more current Caps?  Not too shabby.

But will that make us tired for the playoff run?  Who knows?  Will worry about that later!

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