25 Million Pounds of Snow

Apparently, the Redskins are removing 25 million pounds of snow from FedEx Field in preparation for Monday night’s game against the Giants.  Wow.  That puts my shoveling in perspective.

Question:  Where does all that snow go?  Do you simply push it down from the seats onto the field, then plow?  What about the parking lot?  Sure to be fewer spaces because of piled up snow … unless you can move the snow and dump it in the field past FedEx parking, past the townhouse development and closer to Morgan Boulevard Metro?

Better get going, cuz this fan and others want to watch the Skins spoil the Giants’ season.

This addition at 7:00 pm on Sunday:  Federal government is closed on Monday.  Does this mean my game is in jeaopardy?  Better not be!

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