Last Carton of Milk in Dupont

Even though we’d been hearing about the “historic” snowfalls headed our way, I was skeptical.  However, as Friday progressed and the meteorologists became more certain, I had to rethink weekend plans.

Sadly, the first to go was the holiday spa day my friend and I had planned.  So much for the much-needed massage.  Next to go?  Dinner Saturday night at Bistrot Lepic.  A fave, but they require cancellation “before the shift starts” which was annoying to begin with, and with the uncertain weather, it’s just more likely we would make a game time call.

Now what?

Mid afternoon Friday, I started to hear whispered horror stories.  A colleague stopping into Balducci’s in the ‘burbs found the place overrun by nannies and housekeepers.  Another colleague ran out to Trader Joe’s to buy milk.  People were freaking out about last minute holiday shopping – was there enough time after work to get everything done?  Should I bail on my party in Virginia?

Timing could not be worse since the cupboard was getting bare, for our upcoming trips.  The hub ventured to the Secret Safeway, and came home with … carton of milk – literally the last one on the shelfs, he said.  A carton of sliced crimini mushrooms — odd — for omlettes tomorrow morning, also the last carton on the shelf, and I had to elbow aside a couple of people.  Best of all, a wedge of brie and a salami – yes!  cocktail food to go with wine.

Getting snowed in won’t be so bad after all, it seems.

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