Ticket Scalpers Have Their Fingers on the Pulse

We didn’t have plans this past Friday, so decided to head to Verizon Center to try to get Caps tickets.  It was a last minute call, but seemed like the thing to do.  I headed home to change into jeans and a red turtleneck, then hopped a cab to meet my husband.  I had scouted out the situation and here was the advice from a number of experienced ahem, last minute ticket buyers:  $100 for two seats in the lower bowl.  Here we go.

The cab driver asks if there’s a game.  Yes.  Wizards?  No, Caps.  Oh, Caps, he says, they should win.  How do you know that?  They’re playing the Carolina Panthers?  (Okay, so it’s Carolina Hurricanes in hockey and Carolina Panthers in football, but I gave him a pass).  Well, Caps are the best team in the league and Carolina is not very good, says the driver.  Then he asks me about injuries.  Well, that’s a sign of the Caps increasing popularity in this town.

Here’s another:  couldn’t get tickets.  I met the hub and he’d had zero luck.  In fact, he’d been cursed out by a ticket vendor when he offered a measly $50 a seat.  Okay, here I go …. and I didn’t do much better.  One guy asked for “a buck a seat” I don’t think so.  I was told this game is sold out, so good luck.  I was also told no way.  I guess these guys didn’t want to use profanity with a girl.

But the first period’s half over already, I protested.  So, it’s still sold out and a buck a ticket.  I finally found one guy willing to sell for $75 a seat, but then it turned out his partner had sold one of the tickets, so he only had one left.

So, this is what happens when the team’s as popular as it is ?  Good news in general, but bad news for me on a cold Friday night.  I guess the scalpers on F Street know better than anyone what’s hot and what’s not.

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