Getting Excited for World Cup 2010

Seemingly ages ago, I applied for the FIFA World Cup lottery thinking why not?  It involved this much effort:  filling out a form online.  On the off chance I “win” tickets, I’ll get to South Africa.  What are the chances?

Since then, I’ve been awarded World Cup tickets to 6 games (what?  who? when?).  Exactly.  My tickets were for a bunch of gobbledy gook — A1 vs. D4, etc., etc.  With no idea who the teams actually were.  Sure, I understand that all these teams are good — they qualified for the World Cup, after all — but would I get to see the Italy?  Argentina?  Germany? USA?

With last week’s draw, here’s what I have:

I say I “have” the tickets because they’ve been awarded to me, and I’ve paid for them, but I don’t really understand how I get them.  Except that I can’t have them in my hot little hand until after April.  And I have to go to an authorized ticket center (I mean, centre).  Wherever those are.  Are they in the US?

Here’s the good news, though, looks like some good games:

  • June 14 – Italy vs. Paraguay
  • June 18 – England vs. Algeria
  • June 21 – Portugal vs. North Korea
  • June 24 – Cameroon vs. Netherlands

Question: what do I do with the games I can’t attend?

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One Response to Getting Excited for World Cup 2010

  1. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for all day. I should have found your post sooner.

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