Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Turkey day is definitely my favorite holiday of the year.  The biggest issue: what to drink?  Normally, I’d prefer French wines, but Thanksgiving seems to call for American wines, right?

This year, we went with a Ferrari Carano chardonnay for the white – a good quaff while you put the final touches on the food …  We went with a 2000 chardonnay, maybe even a bit old for a white?  Well, it was perfect.  Nice chardonnay taste with good minerality and not too much oak, really if any.  A nice palate-whetter as we mash the yukon gold potatoes and test the doneness of the spoon bread.

For the main course, we decided on a 2006 De Ponte pinot noir from Dundee Hills (where?).  The hub loves pinot noir while I usually prefer heavier reds.  However, for Thanksgiving, I’ve decided he’s right:  an earthy pinot noir brings out the flavor of the food without overpowering the tastes. This year was no exception.

The De Ponte was perfect – full of cherry and red fruit, with just a touch of earth.  The label says it’s a Burgundian style pinot, and I guess it is, because it’s relatively sparse, but it’s not so “thin” and acidic as some true Burgundies (my MIL claims they are elegant and full of finesse, fixing me with a meaningful look), which I think of as a bit watery.  It’s fruity and earthy enough to hold its own with a plate full of organic, grass-fed turkey and multiple sides.

In other words, wonderful drinks to go with the food.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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  1. mrpicky says:

    Cheers from Mr. Picky!

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