Turning Point Against Dallas: 15 Seconds Before The Half

With 15 seconds to go, ball on the Dallas 20, why didn’t Zorn go for one shot in the end zone before trying the field goal?  That was the game.

First, maybe it wasn’t Zorn.  Maybe it was Sherman Lewis?  Sherman Smith?  Vinny?  Who knows.

Maybe he was confused about the clock?  Or it was just lack of … what, thinking?

It showed supreme lack of confidence in Jason Campbell.  Despite everything Zorn has said about confidence in Jason, that call spoke volumes.  The man’s a professional.  Tell him in no uncertain terms he has 10 seconds then throw it away! Surely that is doable.

When the field goal went wide, it was clear that despite how well the D played, how well Campbell played, that this would be another close heartbreaker.  Indeed, the stage was set for Romo’s 4th Quarter TD drive.

Now 3-7, and 8-8, a stretch at best, looks to be way out of reach.

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