Wireless Service in Metro

It’s always been the main selling point for Verizon – it works (better) on Metro, my friends would taunt as I tried pathetically to keep up with Sprint and more recently AT&T.  The best I could do was talk or type for as long as possible on the way down then keep trying (obsessively) on the escalator up.  Suddenly, almost miraculously, service would light up after being dark the entire trip.

Until recently.

I noticed it first on MNF a few weeks ago when I was running late to meet my group.  I sent my text as I rushed down on the escalator.  Same as always.  Then on the train, I got a beep.  How was that possible?  I looked down at my iPhone and saw …. bars!  How could there be service on Metro?

Sure, the network would fade, sometimes to nothing as the trains went between stations, but somehow, at each station, the bars would re-emerge.  Long enough for me to send a text.  Marvelous.

Had AT&T finally upgraded their 3G network?  Why ask?  Just be thankful … as I keep composing email responses on the way home …

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